Fashion Posing and Lighting For Seniors with David Beckham

  • 19 Sep 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Hampton Inn & Conference Center 319 Speen Street, Natick MA


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Fashion Posing and Lighting For Seniors

with David Beckham

Monday, September 19, 2022

Registration starts at 9 AM

Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Hampton Inn & Conference Center
319 Speen Street, Natick MA

Now more than ever we need to be able to separate ourselves from the pack of Senior Photographers. Kids take hundreds of photos of themselves a week using many different programs and actions to make them look like anything or anyone they want. The same old posing and lighting that you built your business on won't just cut it any more. And if you are new to the industry you need to fast track yourself to the top by creating fresh, dynamic, incredible photos for your clients and social media. And most of all you have to be able to give these young people and experience that they will talk about. I have a fashion style to my senior business and I will share that with you too. 

We aren't going to learn poses or trendy shots. We will learn how to pose. I break it down into Elements; faces, hands, arms, legs, feet and more. I'll show you what to do in each Element so that you can pose any body type. We'll twist and turn them, we'll use different POVs and perspectives to get them excited to see the back of your camera. We'll use body language to tell stories, we'll turn the Elements into flow posing and we'll learn the things that you need to be the expert. We'll look at communication as well and I will share the words I use too. 

But it's not just how to pose. We'll combine it with lighting using 1-2-3-4 Godox AD400Pros for studio looks. We'll use LED - Godox SL100, SL150, and SL200 in studio too. With HSS and Continuous Eye Focus we don't need crazy expensive lighting to get rapid fire action shots any more. We'll go outside and do full sun OCF and show you how to get out door photos that don't look like flash at all. I’ll show you low light options too with LED Wands and Panels and maybe even break out a 12 year old Ring Flash for an old new look that seniors will love.


David Beckham, President of Professional Photographers of Ohio

Twelve years ago,I decided to follow my dream and turn my part time gig into a full-time career. I opened a Portrait Studio in Pickerington, Ohio. With some hurdles of running a business and fine tuning my brand,I became almost exclusively Senior. I have had continued growth every year by being on the cutting edge of technology in marketing and branding. I have my own “Fashion Style Seniors” that sets me apart.Since then I have been published in 50 publications including the cover of Professional PhotographerMagazine. I have a Top Ten and a Senior GIA award I was recently honored with the National Award and chosen as a platform speaker at Imaging 22.I can teach about every part of running a senior business but I am most often asked to teach posing and lighting. I feel I have mastered OCF and using LED lights inside and out with my senior clients.I am eager to share all of it.I know I have been given many gifts; To have a vision with my camera, to teach and to communicate and connect with young people. I get to use these gifts every day.I will be speaking at Imaging 22 and Shutterfest for the 6th time.I’ll be all over the country atState Conventions and leading my small groupEverything Senior Workshop.

Registration starts at 9 AM

Location: Hampton Inn & Conference Center
319 Speen Street, Natick MA

Monday, September 19 , 2022

Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

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